Temu Asyr, a native from Compton, CA is an established plant based chef, urban farmer, fashion designer, entrepreneur, part time OURstorian, health coach, student of the MDW NTR & now author.

He is highly regarded in his community for his holistic approach towards culinary arts and health. Temu received his degree in culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu in 2008, and uses vegetables, fruits, and herbs freshly harvested from his garden along with the highest grade of essential oils  as The foundation of his meals. Temu’s goal is to live and show others how to live a self-sustainable lifestyle where they can connect to the natural sources of energy, and a live in a higher nature of consciousness through a whole approach to a Divine Creator -like way of living.

He is the Co Founder of Dedication Catering ; a Plant Based Catering & digital products company. He’s also the CEO of Divine Spirit Design & Engineering. The director of the Compton Community Garden. Board Member of the Compton Artists Alliance & an Executive in Doterra Essential Oils Company as well.  His goal is to open a plant based restaurant & essential oil center in Compton CA & then return to Hawaii to open the same.